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HCM, HCR, GSD4, PKD, PRA, PK-Def., SMA, Blood Groups
Respiratory Profile Small (Turtle) PCR

Test number: 8290

    1 ) Herpes virus (Reptiles)

Lizard , Reptile , Snake , Tortoise , Turtle .
Clinical Signs
Chelonian: Stomatitis, rhinitis, hepatitis
Lizards: Oral lesions, hepatitis
Snakes Oral lesions, hepatitis


Herpesvirus infections can be found in many different species of chelonians (turtles and tortoises, terrapins and sea turtles). In Chelonian, herpesviruses of the genus Testudo play an important role, it is highly contagious and animals should be routinely examined for infection before being introduced into a population.

Clinical signs in affected individuals include oral and nasal discharge, anorexia, and lethargy. Necrotic plaques on the tongue and oral mucosa are also typical.

So far, 4 different types of herpesvirus, testudinid herpesviruses (TeHV) 1 – 4 are known in tortoises. In Europe, especially TeHV-1 and TeHV-3 are found. TeHV-3 has a broad host range among tortoises and infections are usually associated with very high morbidity and mortality rates. TeHV-1 can mostly be detected in Russian tortoises (Testudo horsfieldii). These are often diseases of individual animals, since TeHV-1 has a considerably lower tendency than TeHV-3 to spread in the population. Individual cases of TeHV-2 (especially in desert tortoises) and TeHV-4 (in African tortoises) have been detected in Europe in recent years.

Intra vitam detection can be carried out using oral swabs. In dead animals, the tongue as well as liver, intestine, and possibly brain can be used for virus detection.

in case of positive PCR herpes virus result, you may order herpes virus differentiation (8516) which costs additional £21.78 plus VAT

Herpesviruses are most commonly associated with liver lesions in pond turtles. In these animals, oral swabs and liver samples can be used for virus detection.
In sea turtles, herpesviruses are associated with fibropapillomatosis. Virus can be detected in affected tissues by PCR.


In lizards, herpesvirus infections have mostly been associated with oral lesions. Detection by PCR can be carried out using swabs from lesions as well as oral swabs. In dead animals, liver should also be tested.


Sample Requirements
  • Tortoise: oral swab without medium (tongue + pharynx), tissue (liver, intestine, possibly brain)
  • Turtle: oral swab without medium (pharynx + cloaca), tissue (liver)
  • Sea turtle: alterated tissue
  • Lizard: swab without medium (lesions, pharynx), tissue (liver)
  • Snakes: Oral swabs, material from lesions, liver.
1-2 weeks

    2 ) Mycoplasma Agassizii

Tortoise .

Several Mycoplasma spp. exist in tortoises. An infection with a virulent Mycoplasma agassizii strain causes the so-called upper respiratory tract disease (URTD), a disease clinically characterised by serous, mucous and purulent nasal discharge as well as ocular discharge, conjunctivitis and eyelid oedema. Furthermore, it can cause lethargy, dehydration, anorexia and fatal cachexia. An essential trait of mycoplasma infections is the fact that they can persist in the organism without triggering any symptoms. Often, the disease only breaks out if there are other microorganisms and environmental factors involved, combined with the genetic properties and immune reactions of the host.

Mycoplasmas are also detected in turtles and other reptiles, especially pythons, but little is known about their clinical relevance.

Sample Requirements
swab (conjunctiva or mouth), Nasal Lavage (NSP)
1-2 weeks

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