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Bengal Special offer:
3 Bengal Specific DNA tests for just £60.00 incl VAT
Bengal DNA bundle (rdAc-PRA + b-PRA + PK-Def) 

British Special offer:
3 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £60.00 incl VAT
British Short / Long Hair DNA bundle (PKD + pd-PRA + ALS)

Burmese Special offer:
3 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £66.00 incl VAT
Burmese DNA bundle (Hypokalemia (BHK) + Head Defect + Gangliosidosis (GM2)

Birman Special offer:
4 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £66.00 incl VAT
Birma DNA bundle (PKD + pd-PRA + Hypotrichiose + MPS6)

Maine Coon Special offer:
3 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £60.00 incl VAT
Maine Coon DNA bundle (HCM1 + SMA + PK-Def)

Ragdoll Special offer:
4 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £60.00 incl VAT
Ragdoll DNA bundle (HCM1 + HCM3 + PKD + pd-PRA)

Norwegian Special offer:
3 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £60.00 incl VAT
Norwegian Forest DNA bundle (PK-Def + Amber + GSD4)

Feline Special Offer:
8 cat DNA tests for just £79.95 including VAT
HCM, HCR, GSD4, PKD, PRA, PK-Def., SMA, Blood Groups

new test: Cocoa (Chocolate / Brown ) in French Bulldog
new test: Stargardt disease ( STGD )  and  Copper storage disease - Copper toxicosis (CT) in Labrador Retriever
new test: Inflammatory Pulmonary Disease ( IPD ) in Rough and Smooth Collies
new test: Lafora Disease in Basset Hound, Beagle, Chihuahua, French Bulldog, Welsh Corgi and Mini Wirehaired Dachshund
new Kennel Club DNA testing schemes with LABOKLIN:
• Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE) / Necrotizing Meningoencephalitis (NME) in Pug
• Progressive Retinal Atrophy (prcd-PRA) and • Progressive retinal atrophy ( rcd4-PRA) / LOPRA in Standard Poodle
• Dwarfism ( Chondrodysplasia / disproportinate short-limbed ) and • Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (POAG) in Norwegian Elkhounds

E-Locus Special Colours ('eA', 'eG' and 'eH')(Hare-pid, Grizzle / Domino, Sable)

Test number: 8682

Price: £ 48.00 (including VAT)
Afghan Hound , All Dog Breeds , American Cocker Spaniel , Beagle , Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound) , Chihuahua , English Cocker Spaniel , Saluki .

This test is for the special E-Locus colour variants 'eA', 'eG' and 'eH'.

'eA': Hare-Pied

The hare-pied pattern is characterised by black tips on the hairs down the middle of the dog's back, or have coats on which one hair has different colors, but the tip of the hair is black. In Beagle, a hare-pied dog may have dark rims on its nose, but the center part is pale, which is also known as a “butterfly-nose.” Harepied Beagles can be lemonpied, harepid and badgerpied. Beagle harepied puppies look like tan/whites when they are born but with dark eye rims.

'eG': Domino (Afgan Hound) / Grizzle (Saluki) / Sable (Borzoi)

The 'eG' allele encodes a coat colour variant called 'domino' in Afghan hounds ,'grizzle' in Salukis. This pattern is characterized by a pale face with a widow’s peak above the eyes and appears to be unique to these two old dog breeds. In Borzoi it causes the 'sable' pattern

A typical domino sighthound would have eG/eG or eG/e at the E-Locus, at/at genotype at the A locus and ky/ky at the K-locus.

if the E-Locus is eG/eG or eG/e, and the A-Locus is at/at but the K-Locus is KB/KB or Kb/ky the dog would have a so called 'domino black' which is characterised by grey streaked coat colour.

if the E-Locus is eG/eG or eG/e, the K-Locus is ky/ky but the A-Locus is AY/AY or AY/at the coat colour would be crème yellow or crème red without dark hair tips.

Dogs with N/eG at the E-locus may exhibit exhibit some hints that they carry the eG variant, and it the dog has 'ky/ky' at the K=Locus and 'at/at' at the A-Locus, tan marking will be larger than normal

'eH' Sable in Cocker Spaniels

Sable is a coat colour variant in English and American Cocker Spaniels, in which the expression of eumelanin is partially inhibited. The typical markings are a pale mask and a dark blanket. A mutation at the EH-locus, located between E and e, is responsible for this phenotype. Sable Cocker Spaniels would have eH/eH or eH/e at the E-locus and KB/ky or KB/KB at the K-Locus.

if the E-Locus is eH/eH or eH/e, the K-Locus is ky/ky the coat colour have been reported as 'dirty red' not sable.

do not confuse this sable with the usual AY sable at the A-Locus. The A-Locus is all Cocker Spaniels is fixed for at/at and there is no point testing the A-Locus in this breed.

important note 1

Please note that when you order this test if the breed is is Afgan Hound, Borzoi and Saluki we will only analyse the 'eG' variant, if the breed is Cocker Spaniels, we will only analyse the 'eH' variant, in all other breeds including Beagle, we will only analyse the 'eA' variant.

important note 2

Please note that this test does not detect the 'e1' allele, for the e1 allele, you also need to order the E-Locus (e1) test available on this link for a complete analysis. You can take advantage of our offer 'every additional coat colour test is charged at half the price'

Sample Requirements
Whole blood in EDTA tube (0.5 - 1 ml) or Buccal Swabs.
Whole blood in EDTA tube (0.5 - 1 ml) or Buccal swabs. .
1-3 weeks
£ 48.00 (including VAT)

To order:

  • Download Order Form from this link pdf

  • Complete the order form and send it together with your samples to the following address:

    Laboklin (UK),   125 Northenden Road, Manchester, M33 3HF

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