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Bengal Special offer:
3 Bengal Specific DNA tests for just £60.00 incl VAT
Bengal DNA bundle (rdAc-PRA + b-PRA + PK-Def) 

British Special offer:
3 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £60.00 incl VAT
British Short / Long Hair DNA bundle (PKD + pd-PRA + ALS)

Burmese Special offer:
3 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £66.00 incl VAT
Burmese DNA bundle (Hypokalemia (BHK) + Head Defect + Gangliosidosis (GM2)

Birman Special offer:
4 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £66.00 incl VAT
Birma DNA bundle (PKD + pd-PRA + Hypotrichiose + MPS6)

Maine Coon Special offer:
3 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £60.00 incl VAT
Maine Coon DNA bundle (HCM1 + SMA + PK-Def)

Ragdoll Special offer:
4 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £60.00 incl VAT
Ragdoll DNA bundle (HCM1 + HCM3 + PKD + pd-PRA)

Norwegian Special offer:
3 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £60.00 incl VAT
Norwegian Forest DNA bundle (PK-Def + Amber + GSD4)

Feline Special Offer:
8 cat DNA tests for just £79.95 including VAT
HCM, HCR, GSD4, PKD, PRA, PK-Def., SMA, Blood Groups

new test: Cocoa (Chocolate / Brown ) in French Bulldog
new test: Stargardt disease ( STGD )  and  Copper storage disease - Copper toxicosis (CT) in Labrador Retriever
new test: Inflammatory Pulmonary Disease ( IPD ) in Rough and Smooth Collies
new test: Lafora Disease in Basset Hound, Beagle, Chihuahua, French Bulldog, Welsh Corgi and Mini Wirehaired Dachshund
new Kennel Club DNA testing schemes with LABOKLIN:
• Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE) / Necrotizing Meningoencephalitis (NME) in Pug
• Progressive Retinal Atrophy (prcd-PRA) and • Progressive retinal atrophy ( rcd4-PRA) / LOPRA in Standard Poodle
• Dwarfism ( Chondrodysplasia / disproportinate short-limbed ) and • Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (POAG) in Norwegian Elkhounds

C Locus (Albino, caL, OCA2)

Test number: 8644
Gene: C Locus
Important note when ordering this test:
This listing includes one test, either caL or OCA2. When you order this test we will test the mutation that is relevant to the breed. If the breed is: French Bulldog, Llhasa Apso or Pekingese, we will run the caL mutation, if the breed is German Spitz, we will run the OCA2. If the breed isn't on the list, please specify which mutation, if you would like to order both mutations, please specify and we have to charge for two tests. It is important to point out that this test does not explain all types of albinism, especially those found in small breeds such as pug.
French Bull Dog , German Spitz , Lhasa Apso , Pekingese , Pomeranian .
The Disease
The test detects a specific allele that causes albinism in the Lhasa Apso, Pekingese and Pomeranian breeds. The test is only validated in those breeds.

The term ‘albinism’ describes a group of disorders of the melanin synthesis. There are two known types of albinism:

  • the oculocutaneous albinism (OCA), where eyes and skin are affected, and
  • the ocular albinism (OA), where only the eyes are affected.
Depending on the function and the type of the mutation, the synthesis of eumelanin and phaeomelanin pigments is blocked either completely or partially. If the synthesis of the pigments is blocked completely, the dog appears white with pink skin, nose leather, paw pads, lips and either pink or red irises.

Several breed-specific mutations in the SLC45A2 gene have been found to cause albinism in dogs.

The gene product of SLC45A2 is a membrane-associated transporter protein (MATP) and is involved in the pigmentation pathway. Therefore, mutations in SLC45A2 are associated with a reduction of the melanin synthesis.

One of the known mutations is located in exon 7 of the SLC45A2 gene which causes albinism in the Lhasa Apso, Pekingese and Pomeranian breeds. The mutant allele is also known as caL and is inherited in an autosomal recessive manner. Although the mutation is expected to cause albinism in several small, long haired breeds, it does not explain albinism in all small dogs, since an albino pug has been found to be homozygous for the wildtype allele.

Another mutation causing albinism in a German Spitz family is located in the splice site of the first intron of the OCA2 gene (oculocutaneous albinism type 2). Since OCA2 plays an important role in melanosome biogenesis and eumelanin synthesis, the symptoms of this mutation are a hypopigmentation in skin, hair and eyes. In the examined German Spitz family, the affected puppies showed a light brown coat colour, lightly pigmented lips and nose and blue eyes instead of the expected black coat colour. The light brown coat colour darkened with age and the blue eyes turned into green, possibly due to an accumulation of pigment. The mutation seems to mainly block the eumelanin synthesis with a less pronounced effect on the phaeomelanin synthesis. The affected puppies exhibited translucent irises and squint in bright light (photophobia).

Sample Requirements
Whole blood in EDTA tube (0.5 - 1 ml) or Buccal Swabs.
Whole blood in EDTA tube (0.5 - 1 ml) or Buccal swabs. .
  • caL in Lhasa Apso, Pekingese and Pomeranian
  • OCA2 in German Spitz
1-2 weeks
Number of Coat Colour Tests on the same dog Price (including VAT)
First Colour test £ 48.00
Each additional colour test on the same dog £ 24.00

To order:

  • Download Order Form from this link pdf

  • Complete the order form and send it together with your samples to the following address:

    Laboklin (UK),   125 Northenden Road, Manchester, M33 3HF

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