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Bengal Special offer:
3 Bengal Specific DNA tests for just £60.00 incl VAT
Bengal DNA bundle (rdAc-PRA + b-PRA + PK-Def) 

British Special offer:
3 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £60.00 incl VAT
British Short / Long Hair DNA bundle (PKD + pd-PRA + ALS)

Burmese Special offer:
3 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £66.00 incl VAT
Burmese DNA bundle (Hypokalemia (BHK) + Head Defect + Gangliosidosis (GM2)

Birman Special offer:
4 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £66.00 incl VAT
Birma DNA bundle (PKD + pd-PRA + Hypotrichiose + MPS6)

Maine Coon Special offer:
3 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £60.00 incl VAT
Maine Coon DNA bundle (HCM1 + SMA + PK-Def)

Ragdoll Special offer:
4 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £60.00 incl VAT
Ragdoll DNA bundle (HCM1 + HCM3 + PKD + pd-PRA)

Norwegian Special offer:
3 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £60.00 incl VAT
Norwegian Forest DNA bundle (PK-Def + Amber + GSD4)

Feline Special Offer:
8 cat DNA tests for just £79.95 including VAT
HCM, HCR, GSD4, PKD, PRA, PK-Def., SMA, Blood Groups

new test: Cocoa (Chocolate / Brown ) in French Bulldog
new test: Stargardt disease ( STGD )  and  Copper storage disease - Copper toxicosis (CT) in Labrador Retriever
new test: Inflammatory Pulmonary Disease ( IPD ) in Rough and Smooth Collies
new test: Lafora Disease in Basset Hound, Beagle, Chihuahua, French Bulldog, Welsh Corgi and Mini Wirehaired Dachshund
new Kennel Club DNA testing schemes with LABOKLIN:
• Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE) / Necrotizing Meningoencephalitis (NME) in Pug
• Progressive Retinal Atrophy (prcd-PRA) and • Progressive retinal atrophy ( rcd4-PRA) / LOPRA in Standard Poodle
• Dwarfism ( Chondrodysplasia / disproportinate short-limbed ) and • Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (POAG) in Norwegian Elkhounds

Premium SNP DNA Profile

Test number: 8540

Price: £ 66.00 (including VAT)
All Dog Breeds .

New ISAG 2020 recommendation

genetic fingerprint in high definition

We are pleased to be one of the first labs to adopt and offer the new advanced DNA profiling analysis which we perform in accordance with the brand new ISAG 2020 recommendation.

The new Premium SNP DNA-Profile opens up new horizons which are of particular interest to breed clubs because it has the potential to assess the genetic heterozygosity of the breed, the line as well as individual dogs, which is the aim of many breeders and clubs who want to maintain a healthy gene pool. It would also be possible to check how genetically related or distant the dog and the bitch before breeding. On the long term we are also considering integrating the heterozygosity data with the inherited disease data of the breed.

DNA profile is your animal's genetic fingerprint. It is the animal’s unequivocal identification which cannot be manipulated or destroyed, and it remains unchanged for the animal’s life. We store every DNA profile in our DNA database and so it is always available. LABOKLIN is certified by ISAG (International Society for Animal Genetics) and we perform our DNA Profile analysis in accordance with ISAG’s standards and specifications, which enable international comparability of DNA profiles with other laboratories.

 The new ISAG recommendation was published in February 2020 and Laboklin is one of the first laboratories to implement the new standards. ISAG 2020 recommends analysing a minimum of 114 SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism), and, an additional panel if needed in complex situations, however, at Laboklin we analyse 230 SNPs in one analysis. Each SNP describes a specific location on the DNA, which can take one of two possible forms. In addition, the sex of your animal is also checked with another SNP. The combination of all these SNP markers results in a unique DNA profile for each animal.

Premium SNP DNA-Profile
(new ISAG 2020 standard)
Classic STR DNA-Profile Profile
(old ISAG 2006 standard)
  • 230 SNPs DNA-Profile which is unequivocal identification of your animal
  • Extremely accurate parentage verification with accuracy exceeding 99.99%
  • Potential to verify fatherhood without the need for a sample from the mother or motherhood without the need for a sample from the father.
  • Potential for the assessment of genetic diversity / heterozygosity of individual animals and breeds.
  • Not compatible with ISAG 2006
  • 22 microsatellite-markers (STRs) each STR marker describes a length pattern on the DNA strand which differs in between individuals
  • parentage verification with over 99.99% accuracy
  • Not compatible with ISAG 2020


Sample required:

  • - 0.5 – 1 ml whole blood in EDTA blood tube, or
  •  - Buccal swabs
Please note that Premium SNP DNA-Profile may not be ordered on DNA from swabs which is already stored at Laboklin because extraction method is different, and so we will need a new sample. If you club is interested in switching your DNA profiling from ISAG 2006 to the new Premium SNP DNA-Profile ISAG 2020, or in genetic heterozygosity we will be very pleased to discuss your requirements and the possibility of setting up a new DNA database or heterozygosity project for your breed.

Further reading
Premium SNP DNA-ProfilePDF file
Sample Requirements
Whole blood in EDTA tube (0.5 - 1 ml) or Buccal Swabs.
Whole blood in EDTA tube (0.5 - 1 ml) or Buccal swabs. .
4 - 6 weeks
£ 66.00 (including VAT)

To order:

  • Download Order Form from this link pdf

  • Complete the order form and send it together with your samples to the following address:

    Laboklin (UK),   125 Northenden Road, Manchester, M33 3HF

new test:
Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS)
new test:
ACAN Dwarfism (Chondrodysplasia)
new test:
Predictive Height Test ( LCORL)
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Coat colour Sunshire Dilution

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