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Maine Coon Special offer:
8 DNA tests for just £84.95 incl VAT
Maine Coon 8 DNA tests bundle (HCM, SMA, PKDef, Poly, b, b1, cb, cs) 

Bengal Special offer:
4 Bengal Specific DNA tests for just £72.00 incl VAT
Bengal DNA bundle (rdAc-PRA + b-PRA + PK-Def + Blood Groups) 

British Special offer:
4 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £72.00 incl VAT
British Short / Long Hair DNA bundle (PKD + pd-PRA + ALS + Blood Groups)

Burmese Special offer:
4 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £72.00 incl VAT
Burmese DNA bundle (Hypokalemia (BHK) + Head Defect + Gangliosidosis (GM2) + Blood Groups

Birman Special offer:
5 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £72.00 incl VAT
Birma DNA bundle (PKD + pd-PRA + Hypotrichiose + MPS6 + Blood Groups)

Maine Coon Special offer:
5 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £72.00 incl VAT
Maine Coon DNA bundle (HCM1 + SMA + PK-Def + F11 + Blood Groups)

Ragdoll Special offer:
5 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £72.00 incl VAT
Ragdoll DNA bundle (HCM1 + HCM3 + PKD + pd-PRA + Blood Groups)

Norwegian Special offer:
4 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £72.00 incl VAT
Norwegian Forest DNA bundle (PK-Def + Amber + GSD4 + Blood Groups)

Feline Special Offer:
8 cat DNA tests for just £84.95 including VAT
HCM, HCR, GSD4, PKD, PRA, PK-Def., SMA, Blood Groups
Neurology Profile (Dog)

Test number: 8203

1 ) Immunoglobulin IgA (CSF)
Dog / Canine .

We also offer a test for IgA in Serum .

High levels of IgA in both serum and CSF suggests steroid responsive meningitis-arteritis.

For IgA in CSF please use code 1749, for IgA in Serum , please use code 749.

We also offer:

  • Neurology Profile (Dog) .

  • Sample Requirements
    CSF / 0.5ml .
    1-2 weeks
    2 ) CRP (dog)
    Dog / Canine .
    Sample Requirements
    S / 0.5ml .
    1-2 weeks
    3 ) Tick-borne Encephalitis Virus (TBE) IgG Serology AB Antibodies
    Cat / Feline , Dog / Canine , Horse / Equine .


    Tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) is caused by an arbovirus. Arboviruses are an inhomogeneous group of viruses whose common feature is the transmission by bloodsucking arthropods. Like the West Nile virus, the TBE virus (TBEV) belongs to the genus Flavivirus and is transmitted by ticks.

    In dogs, the disease was first described in 1972. Seroepidemiological studies conducted since then have shown that dogs have relatively frequent contact with TBEV (up to 30% in certain areas) without contracting the disease. If the disease is contracted, the symptoms in dogs are a multifocal occurrence involving the cerebrum, brain stem and sometimes also the spinal cord. The disease usually begins acutely to peracutely with a highly elevated body temperature (up to over 41 °C) and a further rapidly progressive course. Changes in behaviour, from being apathetic to overexcited or aggressive, gait disorders up to tetraparesis/tetraplegia and seizures can occur. Various brain nerve deficits are observed, e.g. facioplegia, strabismus, nystagmus, miosis, missing menace reflex. Hyperalgesia in the head and neck area as well as a generally increased painfulness are characteristic. A large part of the disorders ends lethally or by euthanasia within one week. Recently, there have been more and more literature reports on dogs with a chronic course of the disease that have survived.

    Sometimes slight neurological signs remained, sometimes the dogs were fully recovered.

    Diagnosis should be confirmed serologically by antibody detection using ELISA. However, it must be taken into account that the antibodies could be the result of a previous subclinical infection. Antibodies may also appear in the CSF within the first week after infection and can be detected by ELISA.

    In the peracute form, PCR can be used to try to detect the virus in the CSF. Due to the very rapid virus elimination from the brain, however, this is only possible in the early phase of infection.

    Virus detection by PCR from a collected tick is possible and especially useful if a person is affected by a tick.

    TBE is also increasingly detected in neurologically affected horses. The clinical picture is similar to the disease caused by the West Nile virus.

    We also offer the followings: Antibodies tests:

    PCR tests

    Sample Requirements
    HP, S / 0.5ml .
    1-2 weeks
    4 ) Canine Distemper virus ( CDV ) - PCR
    Dog / Canine , Ferret , Others .
    Sample Requirements
    A , EB , LQ , H , FA .

    swab (eye, nose, pharynx, or tonsils), EDTA blood (viraemia), CSF, urine, faeces

    1-2 weeks
    5 ) Neospora Caninum -PCR
    Sample Requirements
    FA / LQ , GW .
    1-2 weeks
    6 ) Toxoplasma gondii -PCR
    Sample Requirements
    FA / LQ , AM .
    1-2 weeks
    7 ) Anaplasma phagocytophilum PCR
    Cat / Feline , Bovine / Cattle , Dog / Canine , Horse / Equine .
    Sample Requirements
    EB , LQ , SV , Z .

    EDTA blood, bone marrow, CSF, synovia, tick

    1-2 weeks

    to view the price please provide:

    Email address:
    To order:

    • Download Order Form from this link pdf B

    • Complete the order form and send it together with your samples to the following address:

      Laboklin (UK),   Unit 20, Wheel Forge Way, Trafford Park, Manchester, M17 1EH

    • If you have any queries, please contact us on 0161 282 3066 or email us info@laboklin.co.uk
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