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Crufts 2018

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Maine Coon Special offer:
8 DNA tests for just £84.95 incl VAT
Maine Coon 8 DNA tests bundle (HCM, SMA, PKDef, Poly, b, b1, cb, cs) 

Bengal Special offer:
4 Bengal Specific DNA tests for just £72.00 incl VAT
Bengal DNA bundle (rdAc-PRA + b-PRA + PK-Def + Blood Groups) 

British Special offer:
4 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £72.00 incl VAT
British Short / Long Hair DNA bundle (PKD + pd-PRA + ALS + Blood Groups)

Burmese Special offer:
4 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £72.00 incl VAT
Burmese DNA bundle (Hypokalemia (BHK) + Head Defect + Gangliosidosis (GM2) + Blood Groups

Birman Special offer:
5 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £72.00 incl VAT
Birma DNA bundle (PKD + pd-PRA + Hypotrichiose + MPS6 + Blood Groups)

Maine Coon Special offer:
5 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £72.00 incl VAT
Maine Coon DNA bundle (HCM1 + SMA + PK-Def + F11 + Blood Groups)

Ragdoll Special offer:
5 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £72.00 incl VAT
Ragdoll DNA bundle (HCM1 + HCM3 + PKD + pd-PRA + Blood Groups)

Norwegian Special offer:
4 Breed Specific DNA tests for just £72.00 incl VAT
Norwegian Forest DNA bundle (PK-Def + Amber + GSD4 + Blood Groups)

Feline Special Offer:
8 cat DNA tests for just £84.95 including VAT
HCM, HCR, GSD4, PKD, PRA, PK-Def., SMA, Blood Groups
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 LABOKLIN Special offers at Crufts 2017


Dear Breeder,


We are pleased to announce that   LABOKLIN   will be at   Crufts from 8th to 11th March 2018 and we look forward to seeing you there.

Our stand is located in Hall 3 opposite the restaurant, it is stand number   3-7a  as shown in the above diagram.

Meet the experts

We are delighted that our Molecular Biologist Dr Christoph Beitzinger from the Department of Molecular Biology at   LABOKLIN   will be at Crufts   and will be pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding canine genetics.

Crufts Offer



10%   discount on all DNA tests submitted at   Crufts   ! and this offer includes our brand new Breed Specific DNA Bundles

How to submit a sample at   Crufts:

1)     Bring your dog to our stand 3-7a: we will take a DNA sample for your genetic test, all you need to do is complete the order form and pay the fees. Or,


2)     If you don't want to wait in the queue, you can prepare your sample in advance and bring   it together with   the attached order form with you to our stand. You can order a free DNA testing kit on our website, click on the following link to order:


  Request sample materials


We will send you a testing kit which also contains order form and instructions on how to take DNA sample from the mouth. Prepare your sample up to a week before your planned visit, just hand the sample to us at the show.


3)     If you prefer to use blood for your test, ask your vet to collect 0.5-1 ml of whole blood in EDTA blood tube, bring it together with the   completed   order form to the show, just hand it to us. (you can order free EDTA blood tube from our website   https://www.laboklin.co.uk   )


Please note we will only accept Cash, Cheques or Postal Orders at the show. If you wish to pay by card, you can complete the card payment section on the order form. Paypal payments must be made in advance.

Turnaround: 1-3 weeks for the majority of tests from Monday 12th   March.

The attached order form will only be accepted at   Crufts   2018

If you have any questions, please email   info@laboklin.co.uk   or ring 0161 2823066.

We look forward to seeing you at   Crufts   .

Kind regards

Dr Mansour Makki



Laboratory For Veterinary Diagnostics
125 Northenden Road
M33 3HF

Tel: 0161 282 3066


Attachments (Downloads):


Newsletter February 2018  

Crufts 2018 Order Form


LABOKLIN Laboratory for DNA genetic testing





LABOKLIN is on facebook

What a great place to share the latest news and offers with our customers, we will post information about new tests, schemes, events, discounts and will be able to answer many of your queries.es.

Please visit our facebook page   https://www.facebook.com/Laboklin   and like us


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